Hello World

Sep 08, 2018

I've often heard that laziness can be considered a virtue for a programmer, but I feel like I've taken that too literally in regards to finally starting up a developer blog.

For the past few years, I've used my personal site as a way to test out new and interesting frameworks such as Node.js or .NET Core. However despite grand ambitions, ultimately I always wind up resorting to standard HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript. Worrying about complex frameworks, databases, etc., for such simple project would always result in me never accomplishing much of anything. I'd fallen victim to one of the greatest pitfalls of my profession: over-engineering.

That's why my latest build uses Gatsby.js, a static site generator. Don't get the wrong idea, Gatsby has more to it than just vanilla HTML. Gatsby uses React to generate the site, so I still get to experiment with a hot technology that I also use professionally.

While working on this, I've grown pretty fond of the intuitiveness of the JAMstack philosophy. This simplicity seems more in tune with the original TBL vision of the internet, which unfortunately I feel the web developer community often strays away from. Not to mention the performance is blazing fast and the hosting costs are inexpensive (read: free).

My goal moving forward to is to publish a new post about every week or so, with topics focusing mostly on software development. Hopefully I'm able to check my laziness enough to stick to that routine.



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